Rosetta ....was very knowledgeable and effective. They worked quickly to develop a good understanding, so that they could within a short time period provide workable products and solutions. They have a very straightforward and professional attitude and...combined with their commitment and technical competence makes them a very strong asset to any software delivery team.
Project ManagerCatalog360
(Phil from) Rosetta is an analytical and organised developer. Whenever he was assigned with a long lists of work, he would generate to a list to help him sort out the work progress, ensure the tasks are completed and generated good documentation to help with the testing. He is helpful to his team and willing to do extra work such as participating in business analysis and troubleshooting issues. Undoubtedly Phil is a passionate developer that always go extra miles to develop tools that help testers complete their work in an efficient manner.
Project ManagerPWC
During the time I worked with (Phil from) Rosetta, I completely trusted his responses to development issues. This is in context of him being involved in the project from late on. Phil manages to explains things well in non-technical terms when necessary; has a calm and methodical approach and is able to be client facing when necessary. I highly regard these attributes in someone with such technical knowledge as it helps to break down barriers. Speaking as a client, Phil was able to update me on items without issue; drama or jargon. I really wouldn't hesitate to work with Phil on a project again.
Project ManagerEllipse Insurance